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Who we are

We deliver automation solutions and automation-related digitalisation services including RPA and IT consulting.
B&Co is creating high-impact robotic process automation solutions for our ventures and clients in a meaningful and agile manner.
We develop client-specific automation solutions for companies looking to increase process efficiency and workflow innovation by enriching business strategies with elements of RPA.
We utilise global pioneers in robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to provide cutting edge solutions:


What we do

We offer a wide range of automation and digitalization services and solutions

Why automate

How can RPA support your business?

Our Solutions

Are focused on transforming every aspect of what you do.  Here is an overview of our most impactful solutions:

Digitalising Invoices

Our document processing application
We are developing our very own stand-alone application for the automation of key elements in the financial accounting process.
Utilizing artificial intelligence, we extract information from invoices and other related documents and create data sets for direct import into accounting and ERP systems.

Step 1

A digital worker opens an email with an attachment and uploads an attachment to the application

Step 2

The application initialises document data extraction utilizing artificial intelligence

Step 3

The application creates a file containing extracted data

Step 4

Application moves data to dedicated storage

Utilizing our application for document data extraction will