B&Co U

An Online Training Platform for Powerful, Collaborative Experiences

Online Learning Experiences We Offer

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Certificate Programs

Advance your career and build your confidence with a 3-6 month action-oriented learning experience made up of cohort and self-paced courses.


Cohort Courses

Collaborate with a global community in our 5-week online courses and apply new skills to your day-to-day work to increase your impact.


Self-Paced Courses

Learn anytime, anywhere. Boost your skills with flexible, short-form online courses designed to fit your life. Access 90 days from purchase.


Our platform delivers an engaging and collaborative learning environment 

Delivering an engaging learning environment for maximum impact

We co-create and deliver high impact projects and help you transform your project management to improve the odds of success for large scale transformation, change, and digitisation programs. We embed technology where it unlocks the most value for clients

More than consulting we share the experience we gain from running our own projects in structured finance, technology,  venture building, and renewable energy.  Our practice helps clients turn projects into platforms, realise rate potential, and build businesses that matter. 

B&Co U Platform

Collaborative Learning

Foster active exchange of learning around content and between people to activate deep skill development — and enduring behavior change.

Create high-impact learning
Design and deliver high-impact collaborative learning experiences that engage learners and drive deep skill development. Make experiences relevant to learners — and your business — by integrating conversations, reflection, practice, and constructive feedback with meaningful instructional content.
Build connections that sustain learning
Create meaningful connections among learners, managers, and mentors that promote accountability, foster a dynamic learning environment, and accelerate skill development.
Drive transformation at scale

Power organizational transformation by changing mindsets, behavior, and on-the-job performance at scale. Mobile learning, facilitation tools, powerful analytics, and other revolutionary, enterprise-ready features advance your company’s unique, mission-critical capabilities.

Build your organization’s capabilities with B&Co U’s learning solutions.

From greater collaboration to leadership skills and mentor support, we have the learning solutions for every need.

The B&Co U Learning Experience


Our courses engage you through stories, expertise, and humor. Each lesson has a series of 3-5 minute videos that explain the why, what, and how of a specific topic. Plus we bring everything to life through case studies from around the globe


Our learning experiences have a variety of reflective activities to help you make the connections to your specific work challenges. Reflection is one of the most effective ways to deepen your professional impact.


In order to develop new skills, you need to try them out through repeated practice and exposure to new contexts. Our courses provide opportunities to try out new behaviors online and through real-world projects.


Knowledge is constructed through interaction with others – which is the foundation of our cohort experience. It’s through sharing and discussing with qualified teaching leads and a global peer network that you build greater understanding.

Services & Support

B&Co U’s offers a comprehensive set of service offerings to empower your organization’s success. Partner with our professional services and customer success teams to achieve your learning and business outcomes with the latest techniques and industry best practices.