Our Climate Change Focus

Building a specialist climate change transaction structuring, arranging, and principle investment platform 

Making Decarbonisation Happen

B&Co arranges transformative green structured finance instruments, develops and manages projects end-to-end. We aim to capture, generate, and store power at scale to solve today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges.
Bringing transformational clean energy and circular economy ventures to life requires bold vision and first-class execution. 
B&Co connects capital, innovation, and services to technology companies looking to rebuild the world. 

Our Beliefs

We help corporations think and act like venture capitalists through a portfolio of investable business ideas and a relentless dedication to consumers.
We’ve also pioneered new ways of sharing the risks and upside of corporate venturing with our collaborative partners.

Climate Technologies Building Our Pipeline of Investable Projects

Each market has its own decarbonisation roadmap and capital requirements, that need a tailored mix of green technologies and financing solutions. With our collective of partners, we don’t specialise in one technology, we deliver specialist knowledge and expertise across them all. 
We design and develop innovative solutions that allow us to deploy mature technologies at scale.  

Focusing Impact: Joule – Sustainable Developer and Principal Investor

Joule is a development and principal investment platform to arrange, structure, and manage Sustainable Investment projects in the renewables and clean technology sectors.  In time, Joule will actively invest in these sectors alongside our clients.