A specialist Social Impact Project consulting, structuring, arranging, lab, venture builder, and investment platform

Our Focus 

We are helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable world one project at a time

Our collective is passionate about building a more inclusive and sustainable world, where all people can reach their fullest potential. 
We serve and partner with impact funds, impact investors development banks, communities, government, and companies throughout the world to provide an innovative combination of consulting, advisory, investment arranging, research, and design thinking services.   
Our expertise and delivery are focused on the following thematic areas: 

Consulting Services

Bring impactful ideas, initiatives, investments, funds, and platforms to life

We bring our full consulting services to our impact clients, project, and ventures. 
Our core value is bringing project implementation services team, strategy, innovative resource mobilization to launch, scale-up, or transform impactful initiatives.
We deliver strategy recommendations and alongside our clients bring them to life. 

Venture Building Services 

We create new ventures and scale existing ones  

Our venture building service can support you on this journey to develop a pipeline of investable deals.  
For founders, entrepreneurs, and impact funds, we will build your Impact venture from Zero to Market.  Model, build scale is our validated formula to turn your idea, project, or initiative into a business that matters.
For visionary corporations, we will deliver innovation as a service. We act as your external innovation lab, from analysis and ideation to development. Delivering you a robust way to introduce change without losing corporate focus.

Sustainable Structured Finance

Our Sustainable Structured Finance team acts as a laboratory for new sustainable business models that need financing in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

We help originate, structure, arrange and execute projects which support the UN Sustainable development objectives in a wide range of areas including the circular economy, renewable energy, waste, and water.   
Working with our funding and investing partners, we continually look to create and arrange scalable solutions to grow our Sustainable Finance and Investment portfolios.   
We believe that the circular economy offers a systematic response to the pressing climate-related issues by simultaneously reducing emissions and increasing resilience to its effects  – driving the change in how we produce and consume.   Our role is critical, as we help unlock finance for new business models and engage on new impactful value propositions.  We focus on sustainable scale-ups that provide concepts that deliver a positive environmental impact. 

Impact Measurement

Demonstrating the orientation towards a social purpose

We can help you measure your profit-with-purpose performance measurement using our integrated measuring management tool.   We incorporate measurements of financial and operational Key Performance Indicators as well as governance indices benchmarked against global best practice standards such as GIIRS, IRIS+, and PRIL

Focusing Impact: Joule – Sustainable Impact Project Developer and Principle Investment Platform

Joule is a development and principal investment platform focused on arranging, structuring, and managing in-house Climate Change projects in the renewables and clean technology sectors.  In time, Joule will actively invest in these sectors as a principle, alongside our clients, and with impact partners. 

Do you have an impact project that needs to be brought to life?