We design, structure, and deliver innovative solutions for ventures that need capital to have an impact

We are Structured Supply Chain Project Experts

Innovation that delivers impact to complex supply chain financing projects 

Our clients utilise our ability to connect capital, structure innovative financing solutions and execute projects end where they have complicated financing needs that don’t match with conventional financing products. At B&Co we see past the problem to develop the best solution for your balance sheet, project, and initiative.   
We are building solutions to address capital gaps and digitisation opportunities. 


Tailoring and Arranging Precise Solution for Our Clients and their Projects

Complex Contracts Funding  – our mission is to turn project flows into financial assets that can be released and funded

Deep Capital Pools – We collaborate with partner s that have capital markets to tap into deeper pools of funding. 

Supply Chain – We structure early payments for suppliers so that businesses have their capital they need when they need it.

We are building our own suite platforms and digital solutions to release capital across the supply chain and beyond 

Sustainable Structure Finance Projects

Your sustainable structured and project finance laboratory

Does your impact project have new technology or business model that you are looking to finance?   
Sustainable Structured Finance projects are a key strategic growth area for B&Co. We will work side by side with you to find and structure a solution to help you find your project where traditional finance is not available.  
B&Co has a dedicated team and partners with extensive financial experience that actively work with clients to deeply understand their technology/concept and to step in, structure, arrange, secure sustainable finance and connect capital where standard financial solutions may not be feasible or available.  

Tailored equity and subordinated debt capital solutions

Sustainable finance and venture laboratory 

We function as a sustainable finance and venture laboratory for new technologies and business models needing creative financing across the world.
We see structuring and project execution from a number of non-traditional lenses and together with our traditional and alternative funding partners, we can help you create the most suitable Sustainable Finance solution to bring your project to life.
We recognise that some technologies, business models, or project propositions have a business model that is not yet suitable for all in senior financing solutions. This is where we can help you achieve your goals by arranging tailor-made solutions including equity and subordinated debt. 

Project Finance

From infrastructure, water, energy, mining, equipment to property projects we create and connect capital to unique projects.

Circular Economy Scale-ups

We enable change to better sustainable and circular business models

We support projects and change-makers that are creating and championing sustainable change and new sustainable business models across the world.  
We believe that sustainable business is better business and that those projects and companies that address climate change and resource scarcity will lead the future economy.  
We believe that the circular economy offers a systematic response to the pressing climate-related issues by simultaneously reducing emissions and increasing resilience to its effects  – driving the change in how we produce and consume. Our role is critical, as we help unlock finance for new business models and engage on new impactful value propositions.
We support scale-ups that have proven concept and positive environmental impact in areas that include circular economy, low carbon building, low carbon transport, water supply or treatment, and energy transition.

Helping to unlock the circular economy potential 

See how we’ve help ambitious clients deliver the future they envisaged

Featured client success story
How we helped 

Go to market and plant financing blueprint for a circular economy paper to MDF startup

Venture, Structured Product
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Real Estate Projects 

Making real estate developments happen 

Initiating, designing, structuring, managing, and helping to connect capital to first and second mortgage projects in Australia and the Netherlands is a key focus for us. We work closely with institutional and wholesale capital providers looking for the fixed interest returns through property secured lending. 
We are one of the founders of Student Factory. We are delivering structured finance, venture building design, and consulting project management services to build create a venture with a mission of being Africa’s leading integrated real estate and investment group.   It is exciting to help bring a sustainable cities impact initiative to life

Blockchain Structured Finance 

Our lab is working on a range of tokenisation strategies for real assets and funds

The B&Co Blockchain lab leads our efforts for Distributed Ledger Technology applications, actively researching blockchain use cases to develop in-house technology and pilot solutions across lines of business.
We have worked with and partnered with leading blockchain projects and initiatives. Our focus in this area is making real-world assets illiquid liquid, tradable, and accessible to both conventional and digital currency based markets.  

Do you have a project or new technology you need help to creatively design, finance, arrange and deliver?